• Assistant Position

    Looking for an assistant for 15-20 hours a week (around $9/hr.) doing office type work, flyers/brochure design and printing, MS Office stuff—Publisher, word, excel—Adobe suite knowledge would be ideal, and basic website knowledge.  Office experience would be great.   Best,   Tim Stein Executive Broker Bassett Mix & Associates, Inc. 3263 N College Ave. Fayetteville,

  • Rugby Positions Scrum half

    Rugby Positions Scrum half

    Rugby positions Scrum half / Halfback by Adam Price The scrum half is the yappy little general who is the key component in linking the big marauding forwards to the glamour happy backs. Usually one of the smaller players on the field, the halfback makes up for his obvious physical disadvantages and small man syndrome

  • Rugby Drinking Rules

    Rugby Drinking Rules

    Ben Harrell, former president of San Fernando Valley RFC and Ark Gryphons RFC, shares some rugby drinking rules. …I played with Queen City for another year before moving to Los Angeles.  As soon as I reached L.A. the first thing I did was look for a rugby club, finding the San Fernando Valley RFC.  I

  • Rugby Songs

    Rugby Songs

    Ben Harrell, former president for San Fernando Valley RFC and Arkansas Gryphons. In 1992 I was living in Denver, Colorado attending my last year of college at the University of Denver.  One afternoon a buddy of mine, Carl Newton,  mentioned to me he was going to try out for rugby and suggested I come along.

  • Rugby 7s Results

    Rugby 7s Results

    Arkansas Gryphons Summer Rugby 7s Results Recap by Coach Jason This was my first year involved with the Gryphons and I was very impressed by the level of rugby 7’s play and athleticism from the players.  We had a strong group of committed players that have invested a lot of time to continue developing their

  • Rugby Recovery

    Rugby Recovery

    So, you just played an 80-minute match of 15’s or an all-day tournament of 7’s in the blazing heat all day. Your body hurts (if it isn’t broken) and you’re exhausted. What next? Your first thought is obviously probably “Give me a pint!” Nothing tastes better than a cold pint after an intense match, but

  • Rugby Sevens

    Rugby Sevens

    Rugby sevens is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and is gaining massive popularity.  It is a very fast paced game played on a full sized rugby pitch and played in a tournament format.  Fans and Players both like the sport because of its quick short games, it’s tournament formats which last

  • Rugby Tattoos

    Rugby Tattoos

      I was asked to write this article on rugby tattoos not too long ago.  I was told to write about rugby and tattoos and how they coincide.  Naturally I assumed I was asked to do this given my excellent story telling skills, literary master works and exceptional calligraphy penmanship.  Then I realized I do

  • Rugby Traditions

    Rugby Traditions

    Frans Schimper, fullback, on Rugby Traditions:  When I was asked to write a blog on rugby traditions two things came to mind. One, I am probably the worst writer known to mankind, and two, there are hundreds of traditions in this great game we call rugby. Where do I start? What country will I focus

  • USA Rugby Explained

    USA Rugby Explained

    Written by New Zealand native, Adam Price, starting fly half for the Arkansas Gryphons. USA Rugby is the national governing body of the sport. This organization works in conjunction with the International Rugby Board to run the game of rugby football in the US. All countries and competitions worldwide are subject to the same rules