• Gryphons vs. Wichita Match Report

    Gryphons vs. Wichita Match Report

    On October 26, 2013, the Arkansas Gryphons were set to play their biggest conference rivals, the Wichita Barbarians.  For the last three years, matches between the two have teams have been nothing less than intense, brutal, and evenly balanced.   Sunny skies, mild temperatures, and a dry pitch were the only things left between to the

  • Gryphons vs. Northland Match Report

    Gryphons vs. Northland Match Report

    On October 13th, 2013, the Arkansas Gryphons met Northland in a merit match at Lewis Fields in Fayetteville, Arkansas. With the first glimpse of sunlight in weeks, the Gryphons hoped to carry momentum gained from the previous week’s match versus the Razorbacks. From the get-go, the match was dramatically skewed in the Gryphons’ favor. Northland

  • Serve Our Shelters – Junior League

    Serve Our Shelters – Junior League

    Saturday, October 19 10AM-1PM NWA Women’s Shelter, Thrift Shift 1639 N Arkansas St, Rogers The Men of Arkansas Gryphons will be helping out the Junior League in their campaign to serve our shelters around Northwest Arkansas. Join us this Saturday October 19th from 10AM-1pm at the NWA Women’s Shelter, Thrift Store. Thank you to everyone

  • Rugby Positions Hooker

    Rugby Positions Hooker

    The rugby positions Hooker is one of the most important positions on the rugby pitch, in that it comes with a slew of responsibilities that other positions on the team do not have to worry about. While it is a common misconception that the “hooker” gets his name from his dashing good looks and tendency

  • vs. Razorback Match Report

    vs. Razorback Match Report

    On October 5th, 2013, the Arkansas Gryphons Rugby Club matched up against its local rival, the University of Arkansas Rugby Club, in a showdown for hometown bragging rights. Even more importantly, the match served as the inaugural meeting between the two teams in support of breast cancer awareness.  Continuous downpours and a temperature slightly less

  • Rugby Songs Explained

    Rugby Songs Explained

      What to expect at the bar and more importantly, what is expected from you.   Singing and Rugby goes hand in hand, kinda like chocolate and mousse, carrot and cake, penis and vagina – you get the point. You can be in Cardiff Wales, or Rotorua New Zealand, hell even in your own backyard

  • Rugby Songs – Arkansas Rugby

    Rugby Songs – Arkansas Rugby

    The official Arkansas Rugby Song dates back to 1983 when Art Salazar brought the song back from the Battleship tournament in Mobile, Alabama. Art describes it as, “I was playing for the Western Selects at the time. I think that was around 1983-84… Since then, more lyrics have been added.” This song has become a part

  • Rugby Positions Wing

    Rugby Positions Wing

    Rugby Positions Wing: The Speed merchant of the team the flying finisher. The player who should run the most distances in a team are the wingers. They chase kicks both on offensive and defense, they scour all over the field looking for opportunities to get the ball in a little space and run through gaps

  • Rugby Positions Fullback

    Rugby Positions Fullback

    Rugby Positions Fullback The Fullback position #15 is a VERY important position on the rugby team.  The fullback is the last line of defense and must have the ability to tackle strong.  He must also read the opposing offensive schemes and position himself in a spot where he can make the last tackle or field

  • Rugby Positions Prop Forward

    Rugby Positions Prop Forward

    Version 1: Colorful description from the fly half, Adam Price. Rugby positions Prop forward: As the name suggests these warm, affable cuddly chaps are the cornerstone of any rugby team and therefore “prop” not only the scrum up but the whole team. Often tipping on the higher end of the weight scale and with an