• Rugby in New Zealand vs. USA

    Rugby in New Zealand vs. USA

    From our resident Kiwi and starting fly half… Adam Price on what rugby  means to him: Growing up in New Zealand, rugby  was a part of the culture- It’s a part of the national psyche, part of who we are. Our national team, the All Blacks, are a great source of pride. I began playing

  • Why Rugby?

    Why Rugby?

    My name is Dusty Bratzler and this is my story. I played football as long as I can remember. I started tackle football in sixth grade and I played all through middle school and on into high school. I had a great high school career that allowed me to have a chance to play college

  • Rugby Kit

    Rugby Kit

    The Rugby kit (equipment and clothing that players wear during a game) features gear that is unique to this sport. In this post, we’ll break down a few items that are particular to Rugby in order to give spectators and rookies a better idea of why we wear what we wear. The (short) shorts I’ve

  • Rugby Tackle Breakdown

    Rugby Tackle Breakdown

    We found a great video that breaks down the true art of the Rugby Tackle. This is something that many people overlook when learning the fundamentals of the sport. Football converts tend to be particularly keen at demonstrating exactly what NOT to do during a rugby tackle. In the early stages, every new player  thinks the