• Youth Rugby Players for NWA

    Youth Rugby Players for NWA

    The Arkansas Gryphons are promoting organized youth rugby in Northwest Arkansas.  We encourage participation from all talent levels from youth to high school.  Not only will we build upon the basic skills of the game, we will emphasize sportsmanship, camaraderie, and competition in the safest environment possible for both males and females.   START PLAYING

  • Rugby Positions Hooker

    Rugby Positions Hooker

    The rugby positions Hooker is one of the most important positions on the rugby pitch, in that it comes with a slew of responsibilities that other positions on the team do not have to worry about. While it is a common misconception that the “hooker” gets his name from his dashing good looks and tendency

  • Rugby Songs Explained

    Rugby Songs Explained

      What to expect at the bar and more importantly, what is expected from you.   Singing and Rugby goes hand in hand, kinda like chocolate and mousse, carrot and cake, penis and vagina – you get the point. You can be in Cardiff Wales, or Rotorua New Zealand, hell even in your own backyard

  • Rugby Positions Wing

    Rugby Positions Wing

    Rugby Positions Wing: The Speed merchant of the team the flying finisher. The player who should run the most distances in a team are the wingers. They chase kicks both on offensive and defense, they scour all over the field looking for opportunities to get the ball in a little space and run through gaps

  • Rugby Positions Fullback

    Rugby Positions Fullback

    Rugby Positions Fullback The Fullback position #15 is a VERY important position on the rugby team.  The fullback is the last line of defense and must have the ability to tackle strong.  He must also read the opposing offensive schemes and position himself in a spot where he can make the last tackle or field

  • Rugby Positions Prop Forward

    Rugby Positions Prop Forward

    Version 1: Colorful description from the fly half, Adam Price. Rugby positions Prop forward: As the name suggests these warm, affable cuddly chaps are the cornerstone of any rugby team and therefore “prop” not only the scrum up but the whole team. Often tipping on the higher end of the weight scale and with an

  • Rugby Positions Fly Half

    Rugby Positions Fly Half

    Rugby Positions Fly Half: The fly half is one of the two field generals, the other being the scrum-half.  The primary responsibility of the fly half is to be the link between the forwards and backs via the scrumhalf with the intent of putting the team in good field position. From good field position, they should

  • Rugby Positions Scrum half

    Rugby Positions Scrum half

    Rugby positions Scrum half / Halfback by Adam Price The scrum half is the yappy little general who is the key component in linking the big marauding forwards to the glamour happy backs. Usually one of the smaller players on the field, the halfback makes up for his obvious physical disadvantages and small man syndrome

  • Rugby Drinking Rules

    Rugby Drinking Rules

    Ben Harrell, former president of San Fernando Valley RFC and Ark Gryphons RFC, shares some rugby drinking rules. …I played with Queen City for another year before moving to Los Angeles.  As soon as I reached L.A. the first thing I did was look for a rugby club, finding the San Fernando Valley RFC.  I

  • Rugby Songs

    Rugby Songs

    Ben Harrell, former president for San Fernando Valley RFC and Arkansas Gryphons. In 1992 I was living in Denver, Colorado attending my last year of college at the University of Denver.  One afternoon a buddy of mine, Carl Newton,  mentioned to me he was going to try out for rugby and suggested I come along.