• Gryphon of the Week – Frank Masotto

    Gryphon of the Week – Frank Masotto

    Frank Masotto

    Spotlight on Gryphons Captain Frank “The Tank”

    Frank has been playing Rugby for 9 yrs and as we have learned, it is physically impossible for Frank to shut his mouth on a Rugby Pitch. Frank has played 10, 15, & 12 man and has a pretty accurate boot, he has been showing off more lately with a few drop goal kick scores. Thanks for your leadership on the pitch.

    Frank Fun Facts:

    • Frank speaks movie quotes, not an actual language
    • Frank has had many renditions of (Jamie Foxx-Any Given Sunday, before a game) …In and out of an Uber ride as well as once throwing up a human toe. We still do not know who’s toe it was.
    • Frank favorite game is Jeo-Party which is a Jeopardy drinking game. He’s pretty good at it too. Suck it, Trebek!


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