• Gryphons Giving Back

    Gryphons Giving Back

    There is nothing like hanging out with the guys.  Chemistry on the pitch can often be attributed to the bond established among brethren away from it.  One can even earn their stripes and be elevated from Awful Waffle to Jack Black..

    The Gryphons took part in volunteering at the Samaritan Shop in Rogers located in the Frisco Station Mall.  During our time with Samaritan, we assisted in organizing various donations.  From sorting boxes into common items to assisting with the transition from Summer inventory to Winter wear, the line between working hard and having a good time became blurred.  However, the assurance from the staff of our productivity and the invitation to return for future events meant mission accomplished.

    While there are several people that make the Samaritan Shop a success, we would like to give a big thanks to Jacob and Laura that led us during our volunteer session.  Scott may have reminded Laura of the actor Jack Black, but he will forever be Awful Waffle.

    ‘Devote yourself to your community around you & devote yourself to something that gives you purpose & meaning,’                -Mitch Albom




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