• Rugby Positions Fly Half

    Rugby Positions Fly Half

    Rugby Positions Fly Half: The fly half is one of the two field generals, the other being the scrum-half.  The primary responsibility of the fly half is to be the link between the forwards and backs via the scrumhalf with the intent of putting the team in good field position. From good field position, they should be able to attack and score OR kick for points where a penalty infraction by the other team occurred. This would result in 3 pts.

    The Fly half does the majority of kicking either for field position, to clear the defensive zone to relieve pressure, or to find holes in the defense where the ball can be poked through via a grubber kick whereby the offense re-gains ball possession to continue the attack.  In addition, the fly half most of the time handles the penalty kicks, drop outs and the kickoff’s depending on his own ability and must be able to kick with both feet.

    Offensively, the fly half calls attacking back plays that create the best opportunity for field advancement or tries.  He reads what the defense is giving him and then calls the plays to his fellow backs and also tells the forwards where the backs are going so they know where to run to follow the ball.  Defensively, the fly half sets the defensive line for the centers to all be flat together to shut down the mid-field of the opposing team.   The fly half’s role is integral to the team as moves and positions the team for advancement throughout the game.  It is one of the most skilled positions on the team having to be able to read the game and develop and call an attacking plan for his backs and kick and put the team in good field position to score.

    Players to follow: Quade Cooper, Dan Carter, Jonny Wilkinson

    Jason Ayers, Gryphons RFC Coach and former Fly Half for Orlando RFC. 


    Coach Jason



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