• Rugby Positions Fullback

    Rugby Positions Fullback

    Rugby Positions Fullback

    The Fullback position #15 is a VERY important position on the rugby team.  The fullback is the last line of defense and must have the ability to tackle strong.  He must also read the opposing offensive schemes and position himself in a spot where he can make the last tackle or field a kick that has been strategically placed by the opposing offense.  The fullback must be able to kick with both feet and understand when and where to kick the ball to relieve pressure for his team.  He has to have good field vision to know when and where to counter-attack when the ball is kicked to him.  He must as be able to catch and receive a lot of kicks including the high balls which he must take under pressure against an attacking opponent, ideally he should never let the ball hit the ground from any kick, so again his positioning is key and his ability to cover from sideline to sideline is equally important.  His must be able to read the field and be in great position to help the defensive schemes.  He cannot afford to make simple mental mistakes as often they can be very costly in rewarding the other team points via a try or a penalty.

    Offensively, he has a lot of flexibility in where to attack within the back line.  He can come in between the centers, outside the centers or even outside the wing.  His timing on entering the line must be precise so that he’s able to get past the gain line and become an offensive threat.  He also must have very good passing skills for quick passes, and long passes.

    The fullback is a player that can be a significant difference maker in a game.  If the ball is kicked a lot by the opposing team, the fullback can defuse a lot of pressure and field position by being in the right spot.  Also his ability to attack can make a significant impact to the team’s offensive attack.



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