• Rugby Positions Prop Forward

    Rugby Positions Prop Forward

    Version 1: Colorful description from the fly half, Adam Price.

    Rugby positions Prop forward: As the name suggests these warm, affable cuddly chaps are the cornerstone of any rugby team and therefore “prop” not only the scrum up but the whole team. Often tipping on the higher end of the weight scale and with an amazing ability to eat and drink anything put in front of them, these beasts of human flesh love nothing more than mixing it up in the rough stuff. If they are not shoving their heads into a group of other men with 2 guys pushing from behind and one probably grabbing between his legs he is probably grabbing another man by the shorts and trying to hoist him skywards to win the ball in the line out.

    The prop is the powerhouse of a rugby team they are expected to dominate at scrum time through technique and power to form an integral part of the line out in lifting the jumpers as high as possible.  These two set pieces are integral in gaining possession of the ball and ultimately, scoring points and winning. Outside of the set piece, the prop is expected to enforce his superior frame in clearing out rucks, smashing the opposition and punish them when carrying the ball. When given the opportunity, a prop should physically intimidate the smaller inferior back legally or otherwise.

    There is an old rugby saying that the “forwards decide who wins the game, and the backs decide by how many” this relates directly to the props who by physically dominating there opposite players can give their team a massive advantage, similar to their waist lines.

    Adam Price



    Version 2:  Very descriptive version of the props role on the pitch by the tight head, Ryan Boggs.

    The props make up 2 out of the 3 positions of the front row of the forward scrum.  There is the tight head prop that is always on the right of the front row, and the loose head prop, which is always on the left of the front row.  The two props support the hooker who is in the middle of the front row of the scrum.  When it comes to the game of rugby, the props are a very crucial role both on and off the field.

    On the field, the prop is a very specialized position that requires both size and strength to push against an opposing scrum and also bear the initial blow of the opposing scrum.  Throughout open play, the props are utilized to pound the ball forward into the heart of the defensive line sucking in as many defenders as possible. This happens when the prop is given the ball to run a “banger”.  This simply means that the prop will receive the ball at pace just to the side of where a ruck has just occurred from the previous tackle (Side note: the prop or any receiver of a banger should always be running full speed when given this opportunity).  The purpose of the prop running a banger is to suck in 2-3 defenders to try and tackle the beastly prop running at pace. As a result, this will create a numerical advantage on one side of the ruck allowing the scrumhalf to get the ball out quick to the backs.  A prop running with the ball can also be a strategic play to run the big strong beast of a man into the opposing team to tire them out and keep them on their back foot.  Aside from crashing the ball in on bangers they are also extremely helpful in working in a co-operative fashion with the other forwards in surging quickly up the pitch making quick off-loads to one another, as well as sometimes slipping out in support of the backline players to make sure the team always has the ability to retain possession.

    If and when the ball goes out of play and a line-out occurs, it is then that the props upper-body strength is displayed in assisting the locks or whoever is the “jumper” into the air to contest for possession of the ball.  Throughout general play, during a rugby match it is more apparent that the props are the strongest (and yes typically the heaviest) players on the pitch.  When it comes to defense, the prop still maintains his/her superior status on the pitch much like the offensive side of the ball.  Props generally take pride in being the battering ram that attacks the opposition’s offensive advances.  Props work hard, along with the rest of the forward players, creating an impenetrable line of defense especially when backed up deep toward their own goal line.  That’s a brief outline of the role the prop holds on the playing field.  Size, strength, technique, and pride are a few key ingredients that help make up a solid prop.  To find out more you just have to get out there on the pitch and run around.  Find a local team near you and go out and have a blast… Cheers!

    Ryan Boggs



    Players to emulate : the Franks Brothers, Os Du Randt , Adam Jones, Cian Healy, Tony Woodcock


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