• Rugby Positions Wing

    Rugby Positions Wing

    Rugby Positions Wing: The Speed merchant of the team the flying finisher. The player who should run the most distances in a team are the wingers. They chase kicks both on offensive and defense, they scour all over the field looking for opportunities to get the ball in a little space and run through gaps on long elegant sprints to the try line. The winger is the wide receiver of the rugby team often ridiculed for the lack of desire to get involved in the most physical aspects of the game and desire to look good while doing it. Usually placed on the end of the back line, the winger should have the ability to beat a defender and have the ability to sprint away from defenders chasing him.

    Defensively, the winger needs to be able to make one-on-one tackles, cover tackles from behind and be effective in a ruck. Another responsibly is covering the fullback when the fullback is attacking or unable to play at the back . Unlike a wide receiver, the wing is expected to get involved in the game if the ball is not coming his way. They are also expected to be able to kick to clear the ball away from danger zones, often to return a kick from the opposition.  The wingers work in tandem with the Fullback on defense to ensure there is not too much open spaces in the back field for the opposition to kick the ball into.

    The wingers along with the Fullback make up the micro team known commonly as the back 3. It is important that all players are aware of what the other players are doing and have the ability to cover for them when needed.

    Essential skills : evasiveness, fitness, kicking,  and speed.

    Players to emulate ; Jonah Lomu, Jeff Wilson, Bryan Habana, and Cory Jane.


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