• Rugby Songs – Arkansas Rugby

    Rugby Songs – Arkansas Rugby

    The official Arkansas Rugby Song dates back to 1983 when Art Salazar brought the song back from the Battleship tournament in Mobile, Alabama. Art describes it as, “I was playing for the Western Selects at the time. I think that was around 1983-84… Since then, more lyrics have been added.” This song has become a part of the Arkansas Rugby tradition even if you weren’t ever truly enrolled with the University of Arkansas.  This song ranges all from rugby players all over the state of Arkansas which include Little Rock, University of Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas Gryphons, and Arkansas State. If you are shooting a boot or the anchor in a boat race  in the Ozarks you can expect to be singing this song.

    Every year, Little Rock RFC host an All-Arkansas tournament to bring together and challenge the level of rugby in Arkansas. The All-Arkansas Tournament features 2 college (University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University) and 2 men’s clubs ( Northwest Arkansas Gryphons and Little Rock Stormers). This round robin style tournament is typically held in September before the fall season. All teams play for a trophy that is kept with the club until the next time they meet up. In addition to the match, this gives college student an opportunity to network with alumni and strengthen the bond of rugby in Arkansas.


    All-Arkansas Club Teams

    Little Rock Rugby Club

    • Rugby in Little Rock started in Memphis…  In the late spring of 1973 John Young moved to Little Rock after playing four years of rugby at the University of Florida.  Having already had two years of coaching as the oldest and most experienced player at the university, he chose to reunite with his mentor, Phil Whyatt, playing rugby for the Memphis Bulls in the fall of 1974.  With the costs incurred by traveling to practice twice a week, every game being an ‘away’ game and the serious gasoline shortage John was encouraged to try and start a team in Little Rock. For more info on the club visit https://littlerockrugby.com/Complete_History.html

    Arkansas State University

    • For over 10 years, the Arkansas State University rugby team has provided high-quality education to our students  as well as maximizing their athletic capabilities through the game of Rugby.  For more info on the Red Wolves visit http://www.astate.edu/a/rugby/

    University of Arkansas

    • Men’s Rugby at the University Arkansas is the oldest club sport that the University has to offer, dating back to 1971. The club offers athletes a chance to experience rugby at a competitive level against Universities from the Heart of America Conference (HOA), and the Southeastern Rugby Conference (SCRC). For more info on the Razorbacks visit http://urec.uark.edu/5314.htm




    Rugby Songs – Arkansas Rugby

    We don’t get out much!

    but when we do…

    We like to romp, stomp, fight, f****, drink cold beer,

    and eat hot ***!


    Cuz we’re a bunch a dirty bastards…

    Scum of the earth!

    Filth of creation…

    Gone from bad to masturbating sons of bitches!

    We’re found in every whore house…

    Drunk, Pissed, and Screwed!

    We’re the men from Arkansas and we cordially say F*** You!

    Art SalazarArt Salazar


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  • Posted by Paul Roth on September 30, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Very well done write up about AR Rugby…mort history please.

  • Posted by Tucker on October 1, 2013 at 5:24 am

    @paul- I am reaching out to all the ole boys to get a solid history of the gryphons. Afterwards we will have a spotlight on AR Rugby as a whole. Care to donate some words?

  • Posted by Art Salazar on May 9, 2014 at 6:22 am

    When I started at the UofA, much of our history was handed down orally by the seasoned players. In this day and age, I’m glad that it has been put down in writing to preserve our history of rugby in the state of Arkansas.

  • Posted by Big Ed Viera on September 7, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    During the early and mid 1980s, the UofA RFC became infamous throughout the four state area. It got so bad, that we changed kits every year so people could not pick us out at tournaments. Many an unbelievable story really took place. I certainly hope to one day actually sit with Art Salazar and write the story of the "evil men" as Karen Munson refers to us.


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